5th CECAFA Cup under 20 concludes with the Ugandan national team as winner

Asmara, 28 August 2010 – The 5th CECAFA Cup under 20 tournament that was conducted here in Asmara concluded today with the Ugandan national soccer team as winner.

In the final matches that took place today between the Eritrean and Ugandan national teams, the two teams drew 1-1 in both the regular and additional time. In the subsequent penalty kicks, the Ugandan team beat the Eritrean team 5-3, thus emerging as the champion. 

Also in the matches conducted earlier between the Kenyan and Rwandan national teams for ranking, the Kenyan team defeated its counterpart 1-0 and assumed the 3rd position.

In the course of the two-week tournament under the theme: “Development and Friendship”, the national soccer teams of Eritrea, Tanzania, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Rwanda and Zanzibar, as well as the invited Yemeni team took part.